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Sing like a Star using the Combined Technique

Our Singing Lessons are for beginners to advanced

The technique used by Cosimo Ciccone is the Combined Technique, bringing together his 35 years of training from Italy, Australia and the USA.

Working with individuals and groups alike, from a wide range of genres and styles, including opera, soul, blues, pop, rock and jazz, our singing lessons and tuition will help to increase your range and abilities. Whether you are just starting out or have many years under your belt, our experience can help you achieve your goals.

Our singing lessons and vocal technique is for singers of all levels and ages, the vocal training is tailored to suit any singer from beginner to advance, in any style and for any need or occasion. We strongly believe that everyone who wants to sing can do it.

Time after time, students have come to Cosimo Ciccone with specific problems which have often been caused by the bad technique of the previous teachers.

Developing a strong voice is very important. We make sure that the voice is well connected from ‘chest to head’ without a break. Teaching a student to sing is easy for us, but there is more to a song than just singing it. The song needs to be communicated through a combination of elements, including emotion and movement.

The quality and style of students looking for singing lessons range from beginners to those who are signed to major labels, and others who have achieved roles in Opera Australia, performing in music theatre, and finalists in Australian Idol and ‘the Singing b”.

Ciccone Academy offers Melbourne Singing Lessons in Southbank, Melbourne on request. If you would like to enquire about enhancing your performing future through singing lessons with an internationally renowned instructor please go to our contact page.

Music Instructor Melbourne

Cosimo Ciccone has over 35 years as a performer and singing teacher in Melbourne and Italy. His quest for the right vocal technique has taken him to learn form internationally renowned teachers in Italy and Los Angeles and his singing lessons in Melbourne have led the way to the success of so many students.

He sings with his vocal quartet which performs regularly on the Australian corporate scene. The achievement of his students at singing lessons, has enable them to work as signed artists with international fame, performing locally and internationally with regular gigs in the club life and corporate scene.

As a singing instructor, Cosimo has played a leading role in the development of his students, guiding them through the arduous process of auditioning, be it for music theatre, opera and recording for major and independent labels alike. His students are not just based in Melbourne, they have been performing in New York, Milan, Rome and Tokyo. It has been a very exciting process watching the growth and success of his students rise to their personal achievement and to the top of world charts.

Cosimo maintains his Australian and International contacts. In 2013 he was one of the judges of the Miss Sicily competition and in 2018 he judged at the Festival of New Voices in Massafra, Puglia. He has taught, and continues to teach at annual symposium in Australia and Italy.