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Cosimo’s teaching has helped me no end. I am able to sing in the studio for hours without my voice hurting or giving up. His technique has increased my range and allowed me to experiment and try new things. Since attending the Ciccone Academy I honestly would not recommend any other technique. COSIMO ROCKS!

Gabriella Cilmi

Universal UK & Mushroom Warners Australia



I was introduced to the Combined Technique in late 2012 at a time when I decided to make the switch from a Heavy Metal vocalist to an Opera singer. Although I had sung at operatic concerts before this, I wasn’t too familiar with the stylistic aspects, nor had I ever had a singing lesson. I also didn’t know the difference between a crotchet and a quaver!

NNot being quite sure what to expect for my first ever lesson, I was a little nervous, as I had been referred to Cosimo Ciccone by a friend who described him as a teacher ‘who is not afraid of saying things as they are’!

To my complete and pleasant surprise, he turned out to be extremely generous and nurturing with a deep desire to help those who are willing to learn from him; in other words, a true mentor. His vast personal and teaching experiences means that he has several ways of explaining a concept and he is always willing to explore new ideas; these, I believe are the most essential qualities in a teacher. His command of the Italian language helped me immensely when it came to interpreting repertoire. 

I say most truly, that Cosimo Ciccone’s Combined Technique has given me the technique and confidence to explore my voice in ways that I couldn’t have imagined before. He proved to me the potential of my range which has stood by me through rigorous lessons and testing auditions.

Shanul Sharma



With a constant sore and scratchy throat after singing one or two songs, I finally found the method and teacher that has answered all my questions and taught me to extend, strengthen and broaden my vocal range. The Ciccone Academy’s Combined Technique is a blessing and through Cosimo I attribute my being signed to Made Records in New York.

Natasha Quaresma

Artist Rock/Ballads/Alternative


I undertook singing training with Cosimo Ciccone with excellent results. As a Country Music singer I was keen to improve the strength, tone and range of my voice. As the training progressed, the feedback about my voice from my contemporaries in the industry was consistently positive and I guess my recent success in Tamworth is testament to the value of Cosimo’s technique. I won the Telstra Road to Tamworth and as a result will travel to Nashville USA to perform in the ‘Fanfare Country Music Festival’ and record a CD with Sony/BMG. Cosimo’s expertise in the method is obvious and I look forward to further training with him in the future.

Nick Kingswell

Telstra Road to Tamworth winner 2006


I first met Cosimo 5 years ago & only had a few weeks of training with him then & what I learnt from him in those short few weeks was worth more to me than 10 years of vocal lessons with previous teachers & methods.

I have recently started back training with Cosimo because I was getting into some bad vocal habits & sore, irritated throat after singing only a few songs.My vocal range & strength has increased dramatically & I owe that all to Cosimo & his method in 2007 I won the Telstra Road to Tamworth singer/songwriter award where I travelled to Nashville USA to perform & song write, I’m heading back there in a couple of months & want my vocals to be world class & I know I can achieve that with Cosimo.

Briana Lee

Telstra Road to Tamworth winner 2007




I believe is the only vocal coach in the country that will genuinely get the best out of any voice, his experience, techniques, and genuine interest in developing you as a singer and performer is what makes him by far the best at what he does.
As a testiment to Cosimo’s teaching, I won awards such as the Italian Tenor completion in 2009, in which 300 gala event guests voted Anthony as the singer and performer of choice.

Anthony Kayrooz




I have studied with various vocal coaches in Melbourne the Ciccone Academy has been the only one to describe exactly how the voice mechanically produces sound, how to sing in a genre of sound with ease of music and how to connect the voice from bridge to bridge. Cosimo has helped me to extend my range and develop my natural voice. The Ciccone Academy’s Combined Technique is THE technique.

Nilusha Baeder

R&B/Pop singer/songwriter



I could never understand why I couldn’t improve my singing in terms of its range, colour of voice and its tone. I spent many years struggling to reach my goals until I found Cosimo Ciccone and the miracle working Combined Technique. I noticed results immediately and suddenly my true voice was developed because of the specific and correct method that the Combined Technique uses. There is no straining, no belting and no tension in the throat, just a free and relaxing feeling whilst singing. The fantastic thing about Cosimo Ciccone and the Combine Technique is that the impossible is now possible.

Loredana Sachelaru

Dance pop singer/songwriter



Infinite thanks to Cosimo Ciccone for helping me find my true voice in such a short period of time. I had some bad singing habits from incorrect singing techniques from my past; incorrect sound, placement, grabbing and reaching for top notes, breathing, vocal overwork etc. Now, thanks to the technical voice training from the Ciccone Academy, I can truly sing from my heart and soul and give my everything when it comes to performing on stage without vocal limitations. I am still improving beyond high C’s with a full connected sound with no break points… thanks again.

German Silva



Cosimo Ciccone has changed the way I sing. Not only have I improved the tone of my voice but the range and consistency has improved greatly. As a signed artist preparing for a major international release, the Ciccone Academy’s Combined Technique has been vital in allowing me to record for hours without damaging my voice. Cosimo Ciccone is an incredible and highly experienced teacher whose expertise is second to none.

Thanh Bui

Australian Idol 2008, top 8 finalist


After recently signing a recording contract with EMI AUSTRALIA, I can safely say that it would not have been possible without the help and expertise of Cosimo Ciccone.I have been having lessons with Cosimo for the past 6 years and have improved dramatically since my first lesson, all as a result of Cosimo’s teaching methods. The great thing about a teacher like Cosimo is that he dosen’t just teach you to sing, he helps you work on your career and nurtures you not only as a singer, but an Artist in general.

Thank you Cosimo for bringing my voice from ‘ordinary’ to where I am today and for guiding me to getting a record contract.

Steven Rossitto

EMI Records