Voice and Vocal Lessons

Our voice and vocal lessons are for singers of all levels and ages, our vocal training is tailored to suit any singer from beginner to advanced, in any style and for any need or even occasion.

We strongly believe that everyone who wants to sing can do it.

Time after time, students have come to Cosimo Ciccone for voice and vocal lessons with specific problems which have often been caused by the bad technique of the previous teacher.

Cosimo says

“There are so many young and inexperienced teachers out there, who lack training and the experience to teach and direct the student in the right way. This can lead to nodules, scratchy throats, incomplete bridge passages …. and the list goes on.

In fact, so many times, students have come to me out of the frustration of the empty promises of their former inexperienced teachers and through our vocal and voice lessons we have achieved great results.

Because of our many years of experience, we are able to specialize in rehabilitation of damaged voices. The damage could be the result of bad technique or even abuse from too much high life and late nights. Consistency is one of the keys to the success of a singer.

The Combined Technique includes the concept of singing in the same comfortable manner as you speak. The use of the neck muscles is eliminated so the vocal cords can function easily in the re-pitching of the notes. Our use of ‘The Calling Exercises’ and other exercises which we have developed produce a smooth, fuller and stronger sound.

Developing a strong voice is very important. We make sure that the voice is well connected from ‘chest to head’ without a break. Teaching a student through vocal and voice lessons to sing is easy for us but there is more to a song than just singing it, it needs to be communicated through a combination of elements, including emotion and movement.

The aim of our first lessons in vocal ability or voice skill is to analyse what the student wants to achieve from their singing. From here, our objective is to first correct bad technique and lead the singer to vocalize the individual to find the right mix and increase the range where the chest voice, middle and head voice are blended into one, making it strong. From here, the singer can sing in multiple vocal styles with ease and confidence for live performance”.

The Ciccone Academy is located in Southbank, Melbourne. We provide vocal lessons and voice lessons for beginners to talent in the performing arts space. We have students of opera, soul, rnb, classical, rock and jazz genres and are sure to improve your range.

Our Students voice and vocal lessons